Roku WiFi connectivity

Are you facing Wi-Fi network connection issues? Sometimes, users face problems when they wish to connect Roku device to their Wi-Fi network. Moreover, users get error code 014 when they try to connect the streaming device to the internet. Here we have an optimal solution to solve your network issues.

In addition, you have to use some simple steps that you can see below.

  • Remove your Network Pings:

If you are facing the same problem, simply disable your network pings. Kindly press some button on your Roku remote control to display the “Platform secret screen”. Scroll down to see appropriate buttons.

  • Press home button on your Roku remote control for five times
  • After that, you have to press rewind as well as fast forward buttons on your remote control
  • Update the latest software:

If you are unable to find “disable network pings”, you have to perform the software update. We also have several steps to perform the latest software updates. Simply follow our steps to perform the software update.

  • Try to connect to another internet connection:

If you are unable to connect a single network, try to connect to a different network. Moreover, you can also use the cellular hotspot connection. You can also connect to the wired network using the Ethernet cable.

  • Run the software update:

Now you have to launch the Roku secret screen. Press the following mentioned button to open. Simply, press home button on your Roku remote control first for 5 times. Press fast forward button for 3 times. Afterward, choose “Software Update” as well as wait until it reboots your device.

  • Disable your network pings:

Now you need to follow the 1st step to disable your network pings.

  • Connect to your network connection:

Afterward, you can connect to your internet or Wi-Fi connection successfully.

For more information or you have any query related to Roku wireless connectivity, don’t worry! Our expert team is always ready for help & support. So, don’t waste your time just visit and get instant assistance.





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