How to enter roku code on & activate roku account by roku com link code? is a simplest way to stream entertainment to your TV. On your terms. Visit for Roku code linking to your Account.
  • First of all Use a computer or laptop for Roku account activate code , help , my roku com link signup , Roku com link Activation , roku com link ,
  • Therefore make sure, your computer should have the good internet connection
  • Now open a web browser such as Mozilla, opera, Google Chrome and that you want to use
  • Therefore type link over there
  • Once you hit enter, it will bring you on a new web page
  • Here you will see a space to enter Roku code
  • Kindly enter your Roku link code over there and click on a blue submit button
  • Wait for the next page
  • Moreover, the next Roku web page have two options for you
  • If you want to link with a new account, simply create a new account by choosing the first option
  • Otherwise, you can choose the second option in order to use existing account
  • Further, complete some formalities to create new Roku account
  • Find the registration area to enter some details such as name, email, password and verify password
  • When you enter these details, click on submit to proceed further
  • Furthermore, you have to choose a payment method for future transaction or channel purchasing
  • Again you will see two options for the payment
  • If you want to choose the first option, you have to provide your credit card details
  • Meanwhile, enter your PayPal account details in order to use the second option
  • One more step is left, that is PIN creation
  • Select any digits to create a Roku transaction PIN
  • This security PIN will provide you the authorized transaction
  • Moreover, you can secure your account as well
  • Hence, the entire Roku account activation process is completed 

How to setup Roku streaming player in an easy way?

  • Make sure, you have all the necessary belongings that are required
  • HDMI cable/composite cable, power adapter, Roku remote control, power batteries and Roku headphone jack will come with Roku Activation support , ROKU COM LINK , Roku TV setup using , , Roku TV setup using
  • Let’s begin with setup Roku streaming player with your home TV
  • Use HDMI cable to connect streaming player with your home TV or HD TV
  • Moreover, connect streaming player to the wall power outlet through power adapter
  • Now your Roku streaming player is required to turn on the power button
  • All cable connection are completed, now you have to perform on-screen setup
  • First of all, include power batteries into your Roku remote control
  • Further, you have to choose a language from the listed
  • Language is necessary to give the text input
  • After that, choose the provided network name for wireless internet connection
  • You can also use the Ethernet cable for the wired internet
  • For wireless connection, enter username first
  • Similarly, enter your network security password
  • Then click on connect button
  • Streaming player is able to attempt software update automatically
  • Also refresh and restart automatically
  • So, don’t have any need to perform these manually
  • After reboot, you will see your Roku activation code on Roku home screen
  • Afterward, enter Roku activation code on to link your streaming device with account
  • Once Roku account activation is completed, you can access Roku channel store to add channels and apps.

Stream through Roku device after activation?

Although this is easy to use a streaming player, most of the users get confused when they are trying to use Roku streaming player. Hope, you have completed setup and account activation process. Now you can add channels to your Roku channel list. In addition, you can access Roku channel store through account or Roku device. Further, you can use search option for direct input. Type your channel name and open the details of your channel. Here you will see an option which is “Add Channel”. Simply, click on that option in order to add the channel.

Roku provides more than thousand plus free channels as well as 3500+ on-demand channels. Moreover, you can use free channel without any subscription. Further, you have to pay for the on-demand Roku channels.
Hence We are showing you some popular Channels and apps that you can stream on your Roku streaming player.

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • PBS
  • YouTube
  • Noggin
  • Sling TV
  • HBO GO
  • Amazon
  • Pandora
  • Spectrum
  • Plex
  • NBC
  • Google play & Movies
  • NICK

 Why Roku Account Activation?

The Roku player is a perfect streaming player, which enables you to stream your favorite TV shows, online as well as local content, movies and channel (free and paid also) from a various subscription service provider such as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Spotify and more through Network connection. Moreover, the user can easily add/remove channels as per their needs or preference using the Roku Channel Store. However, to make purchases from the Roku channel store, you need a Roku Account through activation. Basically, the Roku player is user-friendly and helpful to stream HD quality content. Roku is the best way to enjoy your selective entertainment on your Television.

Step by Step Guide for Roku Setup

Additionally, if you setup your Roku device for the first time, you need to Setup your Roku player first. However, To Set-Up Roku device, follow these Setup Instructions who’s described below.

  • Attach Roku player to your television
  • Setup your Roku player
  • Provide power to your Roku remote
  • Select your language
  • Connect to the Network


Attach Roku player to your television:

Roku players can work with any TV through HDMI cable. However, there is a different type of audio/video connection is available on your TV; choose your cable connection instructions as per your requirement.


Type 1 – If your home TV supports HDMI then HDMI cable can carry both audios as well as a video signal. In fact, HDMI supports a 1080p resolution on Roku player.

  • Firstly, Plug-in HDMI one end to the HDMI-IN port at the back of your TV and another end to the Roku Player.

Type 2 – On the other hand, if the TV support component, then you need an external audio cable because Component support only 720p HD.

  • Additionally, connect one side of the component cable into Component input at the back of your TV and alternative side of the Roku player.

Type 3 – In case your TV support composite, then you need an analog audio connection because it supports only standard definition. However, every Roku player includes a combination of composite and analog audio cable.

  • Attach a composite video and analog audio connection cable one end on A/V input port on your TV and the corresponding end of Roku device.

Setup your Roku Player:

Now, after making the connection between TV and Roku player, connect the Power connector to the Roku and plug-in power adapter into the A/C wall outlet and switch on the button. Additionally, follows these described below instructions.


Note: Ensure that you are select right TV input in which your Roku device is connected.


Provide power to your Roku remote:

  • Put AA batteries into your Roku Remote to give power to the remote control.
  • Now, open back batteries cover of Roku remote and placed batteries into it.
  • Remember, insert Negative (-ve) side first of Batteries and press the black button under the cover for 3 seconds.
  • Once green light start flashed on the front side, close battery cover by pressing gently.
  • At last, your remote start working and automatically connect to your Roku device.

Select your language:

Once your device got power and the opening screen comes with Roku logo, then the next screen allows you to select your language. However, by default Roku will highlight “English” language. If you are not feeling comfortable with English then select language according to your choice.

  • Firstly, Scroll up and down the list through arrow buttons.
  • Afterward, highlight the language which you want to select. Then, press “Ok” button from your remote to adopt a language.
  • Now, the next screen appears with “Get ready to Stream” option, select “continue” button.


Important – Be attentive while you pick a language because it will display all your instructions, text and also the dialog in adopted language. It is a basic duty of your service publisher to transform their channel into recognizing the language, but some of the channels do not recognize the adopted language.


Connect to the Network:

Afterward, next screen asks you to choose your network. There are two alternative ways to get connected to the Network either wired or wireless.

Option 1 – Wired Network connection:

Basically, wired connection entrenched using a standard Ethernet cable. So, connect the first end of an Ethernet cable on Roku player Ethernet port and the rest of the other end to the Network Router. Additionally, follows these On-screen instruction has given below.

  • Firstly, after attaching the Ethernet cable; under “Network” section, choose “Wired (Ethernet) option.
  • Then choose “Region”, “Time zone”, “Clock format” and also “Preview” option under “Time Zone and Clock” section; through right/left arrow button from the remote.
  • At last, select “Next” button and your device connected to the wired network.


Option 2 – Wireless Network Connection:

On the other hand, the wireless connection is directly connected to the Network. In this, there is no need for any Ethernet cable connection. Now, follow instructions described below.

  • Choose “Wireless connection” from “Network” option.
  • Then, select “Set up New Wi-Fi connection” option.
  • Afterward, Roku will start locating a Wi-Fi connection nearby and display on the screen.
  • Through up/down arrow button, choose your Wireless connection and “Ok” button on your remote.
  • Now, enter your “Wi-Fi Password” only if your Wi-Fi connection secure with a password.  
  • After that, highlight the letter which you want to write through arrow buttons and press “Ok” button from Roku remote.
  • Also, to see your password, choose “Show Password” option to protect from entering an incorrect password.
  • Once you enter your Wi-Fi password, click on “Connect” button. Then, the next screen will appear with “Connecting to the internet” option.
  • When the connection is established and all the above steps are complete, it will display green checkmarks at the front of the list.

Note: Ensure that your Roku device, as well as your Smartphone, is in same Wireless connection.

Get latest Roku Software:

Once your Roku Device connected to the available network, it will start downloading and install the latest Roku OS Software automatically.

  • It will take few second to update when your Roku has been updated, Roku will “Reboot” itself.
  • In order to complete Rebooting process, your Device needs to restart. So, don’t panic! If you’re TV screens turn off for a few seconds.

How to Setup Roku TV?

Moreover, have you Purchase a new Roku TV? Do you want to learn about the Roku TV Setup? Great, here we provide you step by step Setup guided instructions.  Basically, Roku TV is also a Smart TV containing built-in apps and also offers you several services like predefined games, web browser, Radio, music and video player and much more. Roku TV provides 1000+ channels, videos, pictures and other online and local content from your Smartphone as well as the Internet. Additionally, Roku TV is a box full of entertainment; the user can get immediate enjoyment through Roku device.

Steps to setup TV

However, if any, error occurs during Setup and Troubleshooting then go to “Setting” option -> choose “System” -> select “About” option to get the solution of your problem. 
Let’s start with Setup Roku TV. Before setup, unpack your TV and plug-in to the base and make connections. Therefore, Follows these Setup guide, instructions accordingly written below. 


  • Roku TV must be connected to the Internet connection and also Roku account in order to Stream your content.
  • If you use your Roku TV as a traditional TV and even not connect to the Network, then you want to attach other streaming equipment such as cable, antenna and satellite box.

Step 1 – Insert batteries in the Roku TV remote:

  • Your Roku TV comes with the perfect size of matching a pair of batteries.
  • Now, open the remote battery cover on the back and insert a pair of batteries into it.
  • After inserting batteries into the correct order, attach Remote battery cover again.

Step 2 – Power on your Roku TV:

  • The indicating light below TV screen must be ON, which demonstrates that your TV has a power supply.
  • Hit “Power” button on your remote control, you see indicating light will go off and after second TV screen appears startup screen.
  • Afterward, Setup screen appears on your TV.

Note: If you need to use Audio Guide known as a text-to-speech reader then press 4 times * button. But, Audio Guide only available in the English language.

Step 3 – Select a language:

  • When your Roku TV gets a power supply, the opening screen provides you the opportunity to choose a language as per your comfort.
  • By Scroll up/down the list, highlight the language and press “Ok” button.

Step 4 – choose a country:

Choose your “Current Country” (ensure that your Roku TV has all features in your Country).

Step 5 – Select a Home use:

Select an option “Setup for Home use” unless you are setting up your Roku for Store display

Step 6 – Make a connection with the Network:

  • Now, choose your wireless connection from the list, if you have more than one Wi-Fi connection.
  • Then, fill Wi-Fi password only if necessary and select “Connect” button.

Step 7 – Download Roku latest Software:

When your Roku TV is connected to the internet, it will automatically download “Roku latest software” and “Reboot” streaming Device.

Step 8 – Create Your Account:

  • To activate your Roku TV, you need to create new Roku account.
  • Now, follow On-screen instructions and enter activation unique code into whose display on your screen.

Step 9 – Attach your Roku device:

  • If you have not connected your device till now, then attach it to cable, DVD player, VCR or gaming console. In case you’re using your Roku TV with home theater or sound bar then also connect it.
  • Then your device displays certain type of connected devices, turn on all the devices and then press “ok” button.
  • Again press “Ok” button to verify that all devices are plug-in and turn on.
  • Then next screen asks you to assign name or icon to your device. You can choose pre-selected from menu list or choose “Set Custom name or icon” option to modify your device name or icon.
  • Afterward, your screen appears a small window with playing program on a device attached to the input, if any.
  • Repeat these steps until you are complete all the inputs and you see the “All done” screen.